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Coaching Section

New Coaching Enterprise

It is the ambition of the new Coaching and Games Development committee to encourage and facilitate best practice in all matters related to coaching hurling in our club. All Children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18 are encouraged to participate. With our youngest age group (the recently established Under 6’s) the emphasis is rightly on fun and skill development. A function of this and in terms of best practice, it is now a central part of our coaching policy that all children develop their technical proficiency skills through the provision of appropriate drills and sustained involvement in the club program.

Another key part of our coaching policy is that all children will get the chance to participate in games and matches. While children will get correct instruction in all forms of preparation, enjoyment and fun are key cornerstones of our vision.

Aside from the health and fitness benefit to the children, the social interaction generated through team involvement is one of the best ways to build relationships. By getting involved with the club you are becoming part of something real and tangible in our community, that we can all share in and be proud of. 

With these aims in mind, a highly streamlined coaching set up is in place to cater for the different age groups. All the coaches are qualified and have the proper clearances.

Coaching will take place in a safe and controlled environment. Hurleys, balls and helmets will be available at training sessions for beginners and heavily subsidized equipment can be purchased through the juvenile club.
  Hurling Skills


   Striking from the Hand

   Jab Lift

  Solo Run

  Sideline Cut