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Minor Seven a Side Tournament 22nd June, 2013

posted 18 Jun 2013, 02:21 by Unknown user


Schedule of Games:


Group Games


Venue and Group                    Time                                     Teams


Loughrea Main Pitch (A)       10.30am     Loughrea Gaels             V       Carnmore

                                                11.00am     Borrisileigh                    V       Mullagh

                                                11.30am     Loughrea Gaels             V       Mullagh

                                                12.00am     Borrisileigh                    V       Carnmore

                                                12.30pm     Carnmore                      V       Mullagh

                                                 1.00pm      Loughrea Gaels            V       Borrisileigh


Loughrea Side Pitch (B)         10.30am     Craughwell                  V       Cappataggle

                                                11.00am     Loughrea Celts             V       O’Donovan Rossa

                                                11.30am     O’Donavan Rossa        V       Craughwell

                                                12.00am     Loughrea Celts            V       Craughwell

                                                12.30pm     Loughrea Celts             V       Cappataggle

                                                 1.00pm      Cappataggle                  V       O’Donavan Rossa


Kilnadeema Pitch(C)             10.30am     Kilnadeema/Leitrim     V       Sarsfields

                                                11.00am     Roanmore                     V       Kinvara

                                                11.30am     Kilnadeema/Leitrim     V        Kinvara   

                                                12.00am     Sarsfields                     V        Roanmore

                                                12.30pm     Kinvara                        V        Sarsfields

                                                 1.00pm      Kilnadeema/Leitrim    V       Roanmore


Kilconieron Pitch (D)             10.30am     Kilconieron                 V       St. Thomas’s

                                                11.00am     Clarecastle                   V       Castlegar

                                                11.30am     Kilconieron                  V        Clarecastle

                                                12.00am     St. Thomas’s               V       Castlegar

                                                12.30pm     Kilconieron                  V        Castlegar

                                                 1.00pm      St. Thomas’s               V       Clarecastle



1st and 2nd teams emerge from each group (W1 and W2)



Quarter Finals                        Time                  Teams


Loughrea Main Pitch             2.30pm             W1 Group A               V       W2 Group B    -  S1

                                                3.00pm             W2 Group A               V       W1 Group B    -  S2



Loughrea Side Pitch              2.30pm            W1 Group C               V       W2 Group D    -  S3

                                                 3.00pm             W2 Group C               V       W1 Group D    -  S4


Semi Finals


Loughrea Main Pitch             4.00pm                      S1                  V       S2


Loughrea Side Pitch               4.00pm                      S3                  V       S4



Final                                        4.45pm



Note: All games must start promptly as scheduled